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Cane Corso • South African Boerboel • Central Asian Shepherd

Why Choose Maximo?

Take advantage of two decades of Cane Corso history, established credibility & experience. Maximo started strong, with our first generation producing BISS Gold Grand Champion Maximo's Jack TT CAL1 TDI, and we've never looked back since. Irrefutably impressive big dogs, with health, structure, temperament, definition, head ... simply, presence. All of our experience producing nothing but the best for you.

Big Name Celebrities

Celebrities. We don't mean to name-drop ... oh, Yea. We do. We sell big dogs to big name people, and we're proud of it - as we damn well should be. Maximo's quality speaks for itself.
Come see Max - where everyone in the know, and the big name celebrities do - the original California OG - for the Big Dog of your dreams.

Champion Show Dogs

CH / titled dogs
BISS Gold Grand Champion Maximo's Jack TT CAL1 TDI, Award of Merit - Westminster Kennel Club. #3 Cane Corso in USA (all breed system) for two years running, with 1345 dogs defeated!

More Than a Pretty Face

working dogs

Family Companions

The dog that's going to grow up to be a part of your family you'll never forget. Protective, ... Happy healthy loved family companions (eve photo)

Top of the Hill Rescue

Always giving back to dogs in need! As a responsible breeder, Maximo Cane Corso actively supports rescue too. We foster, board, train, rehab, and help rehome Cane Corso dogs in need through our Top of the Hill Rescue, within our facility.Adoption or rescue related inquiries are screened through West Coast Cane Corso Rescue directly.

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